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Little Black Book of Oil Spill Contractors

9th Edition

The 9th Edition is currently being edited. As soon as its published we will offer copies for sale online. It is slated for publication at the end if 2023, for distribution at the International Oil Spill Conference.  I would like to thank all our advertisers and supporters for making it possible.

It’s a massive undertaking publishing these books – which typically comprise of over 100 pages listing in the region of 1,200 oil spill clean up contractors in 50 countries.  I can’t do this without your support. The information is made freely available on the website,  however I hear from so many responders that a handy reference is invaluable.  Please send any updates – corrections to existing listings are free.

The 9th Edition is well underway, with approx 50% of listing updated already. CLICK HERE FOR ADVERTISING RESERVATION FORM

If you would like more information please contact  –  stewart@cleanupoil.com

This directory has been in publication since 2001* and is the only directory dedicated to listing oil spill contractors world wide. You can see some sample pages from the 5th edition here.


Please note the listings on this web site and in the Little Black Book are for service companies primarily focused on the physical aspect of cleaning up oil spills. Product manufacturers and suppliers are offered the opportunity to advertise. Refer to our listing policy.

You may update or renew your listing by completing this form. Updates to existing listings are free, note we will no longer be listing fax numbers.

Alternatively feel free to email us your list of service center locations.

*8th Edition publication date April 2019


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