International Directory of Oil Spill Cleanup Contractors

Oil Spill Equipment Glossary

Weir oil skimmers & suction heads

Weir skimmers are manufacured in a range of materials which should be selected for the application. Stainless steel weir skimmers may be used in industrial tanks and ponds where chemicals and acids may be present.

The suction head is used with vacuum trucks and suction pumps. This head may be flat with openings on the perimeter, or a circular overflow device.

Open water weir skimmers are fitted with self-adjusting weirs – the ring surrounding the pump floats on the water level inside the hopper, when the hopper is pumped out the ring drops allowing surrounding oil to flow over the weir. These self-adjusting weirs are a great advancement over the early weir skimmer that relied on mechanical means to adjust the weir height / depth of skim.

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