International Directory of Oil Spill Cleanup Contractors


Why Advertise on Cleanupoil.com?

Cleanupoil.com is a complimentary website for the Little Black Book of oil spill contractors.

The website directory is published in a booklet – The Little Black Book which is distributed at major oil spill conferences. The book and web site work hand in hand, advertisers have the opportunity to work with either media.

Print advertisers in the Little Black Book get a complimentary logo on Cleanupoil.com

Cleanupoil.com does not only rely on the internet for promoting awareness, you will find us at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions specializing in oil spills and hazmat.


Cleanupoil.com is a prime reference for responders – see what others have to say, we know we can provide you with excellent exposure.

Cleanupoil.com is a unique web site that offers unrestricted access to key information required by oil spill responders. This free access encourages viewers to come back time and again, this shown by the large number of user sessions we experience every month.

Why not take advantage of this high level of interest and get your company in front of all these spill professionals!

Price for a standard full page color advert in the book is $2900.00, with discount offered to members of spill associations and repeat advertisers. Repeat advertisers have the first refusal on prime pages ( which are offered at a premium depending on availability.