International Directory of Oil Spill Cleanup Contractors

Oil Spill Equipment Glossary

Rope Mop oil skimmer

Rope mops are oleophilic devices, which means they pick up the oil when it sticks to a surface, such as the fibers of the polypropylene rope – which is circulated and wrung out inside the machine. The pulleys enable the rope to be directed across the water surface, enabling a wide area to be covered. Oil can also be elavated on the rope without the use of a pump.

Rope mop oil skimmers are ideal for shallow water as the rope requires miminal water to float. They can also work in trash laden conditions as the trash falls off the rope as it comes up to the wringer unit. The wringer units can be monted on open top oil drums or supplied with an integral sump, these types of unit are not normally used from boats but rather from the dock or beach.

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