International Directory of Oil Spill Cleanup Contractors

Listing Policy

The intention of this directory is to list companies and response organizations that can respond in an emergency to assist with an oil spill. We typically include contractors with equipment such as booms, skimmers and vacuum trucks. We will also include spill management contractors that provide emergency technical support.

We rely on websites to validate information as well as other sources of information. We will no longer be listing fax numbers.

Obviously there is considerable amount of time spent keeping the directory up to date. We therefore charge a programming fee for new listings.

New individual listing $190 each ( there are no recurring fees)

Updates to existing listings are Free

This is a one time programming cost, which is good for the life of this directory. There is no further cost to contractors for inclusion – unless you want to advertise! Note: Advertisers are not subject to listing fees ( restrictions apply).

Once we have determined the number of listings/updates needed we can accept payment on-line. Click here for details.

Contact information is provided free of charge and is gathered from the public domain. We reserve the right to select companies and organizations that reflect the theme of this directory. We highly recommend that interested parties contact the appropriate authorities and clean up companies directly for details of regulations and services. Although every effort has been made to verify the information contained in this directory it’s authors will not be responsible for the accuracy of the information.

Neither will we guarantee that the directory is comprehensive nor the services provided by the companies and organizations contained herein. Oil spill response contractors and service companies listed in Cleanupoil.com are not approved, regulated or certified in any way.

Cleanupoil.com will not be responsible for the response or quality of service nor the accuracy of the information provided.

Cleanupoil.com is not associated with any cleanup contractor, we will not hire contractors on your behalf. Companies are listed in no particular order. This information is provided free of charge for the benefit of the response community.

Information on contractors is gathered from various sources and we rely on information provided by others.

The programming fee does not guarantee the listing, we reserve the right to modify the contents of Cleanupoil.com at our discretion.

We only publish partial addresses to prevent unwanted solicitation by mail. We reserve the right to select only companies that we feel are appropriate for inclusion in this web site. Updates to listings will be made periodically as we determine.

Thank you for supporting the book !   Regards, Stewart ( Editor )

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