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Oil Spill Booms

Permanent booms are also referred to as curtain booms however this style is distinct as the floatation is provided in the form of robust, rigid floats that are bolted onto the fabric ( as opposed to foam inside a fabric pocket ). The base fabric is typically a belting type material that has a high tensile strength and some natural rigidity. This relatively stiff material helps the skirt remain upright in currents. Ballast is provided by metallic weights bolted or riveted to the skirt.

Permanent booms are designed to be robust and durable for long term installations in locations where round the clock protection is required. This type of boom will need periodic cleaning of marine growth and maintenance.

Booms are offered in overall sizes ranging from 18 inches / 450mm to 24 inches / 600mm. A choice of connectors are available , details of which can be found in ASTM standards F962 & F2438. They are referred to as ASTM Slide or Quick ( Z) type connectors.

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