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Oil Spill Equipment Glossary

Beach boom

Shoreseal / Tidal boom

Beach (shoreseal or tidal) booms are specially constructed to work in shallow or tidal areas. The boom is fitted with water tubes on the bottom that sit on the beach but will float when the water level rises. Sometimes known as tidal seal boom these special purpose boom should only be used in calm water areas and not in breaking waves. The boom is inflated and towed or carried to the deployment location, once in place the water tubes are filled with a portable pump.

Shoreseal boom is manufactured in Polyurethane and rubber type fabrics. The rubber types offer greater abrasion and tensile strength however they are considerably heavier to carry to the spill site and are more suited to vessel deployment. Shoreseal booms can also be used in marshy and swampy areas to surround a spill site, equally they can be used in inland waterways.

These booms can be linked up to conventional booms with a regular skirt providing common connectors are fitted. Refer to ASTM standards F962 & F2438. They are generally referred to as ASTM Slide or Quick ( Z) type connectors.

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